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Questions  :

1. Have you had sleepless nights knowing that your new doll is arriving? How do you cope with it?
Not yet fortunately. But I’m having a hard time waiting for my first msd to arrive home!

2. Do you prefer spending creative time with your dolls? If not, where else you spend that creative energy on?
I really like trying to create things with my dolls, I find it really relaxing. I truly enjoy it. I feel the same way when drawing.

3. Where do you keep your dolls? I keep all my dolls in a wooden display cabinet in my bedroom.

4. How do you think your current dolls will look in a decade? Will they still stay with you, still be the same, or will you change their looks (clothes, faceups, personality, tastes, etc.)
I don’t really think I’ll ever sell any of my dolls, I’d like to keep them all and get some more. They’ll be more or less the same. I can try new things when taking pictures but their essence will remain the same. Maybe a new faceup or wig (?).

5. Did you ever think you would own a doll(s) (or BJD)? How did you choose your very first doll?
I got in the dolls hobby thanks to pullips. I used to think that I would never have a pullip,blythe and much less a bjd. The first bjd I saw and fell in love with was Volks’ Lieselotte, I would still love to have her :3 , but I got Sybil after seeing her for sale in my own country! I loved her the moment I saw her and there was nothing left to think about ^^

6. Which doll companies do you fancy? And why?
Some of my favourite companies are Doll Chateau (because I find their dolls very elegant, ethereal and beautiful ), leekeworld (cute and sweet~my first bjd is a leeke girl ^^), dollzone ( cute, pretty, beautiful, special and very affordable, I love their pear shaped bodies), Enchanted doll (no words are needed), beyours doll( in my opinion every doll made by them is utterly unique).

7. Do you bring your dolls out for photoshooting?
I do, but not very often.

8. Tell me about a doll that you really like that belong to another owner.
I love love love Bleuacide’s Rei and Bottoming dolls/ Diary of a moth’s kyung

9. If all your dolls were to have a birthday party, who will be the one to eat all the cake and food? xD
Definetly Sybil, She eats really calmly and slowly but quite a lot, specially when she feels nervous or excited about something (like someone’s birthday).

10. Are you happy with your dolls?yes, I am. But I would like to get some more haha

11. Are you happy?
yes ^^ I am! Thank you for your concern~

My questions:
1- How did you chose your bjd(s) name(s)?
2-How did you find out about bjd?
3- Did you use to like dolls as a kid or did you prefer to play with other toys (like plushies)?
4-Were your bjd’s based on previous ocs?
5-If you could have any object in the world in your bjd’s size what would it be and why?
6-If you could design your perfect bjd (mold, body, skin…) how would it be?
7-What do you think your doll(s) would tell you if they could speak?
8-What is your favourite moment of the day?
9-Do you have any other hobbies?
10-Do you buy your bjd’s clothes ,or do you make them yourself?
11-Have you ever gone to a bjd meet up? If not, would you like to?

Every bjd owner who feels like answering these questions is tagged ^^